Use Cases

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Guide to building a dynamic Account Management Component in Salesforce with Avonni, for real-time data interaction and display.
Learn to track and monitor activities with a Salesforce Activity Scorecard using Avonni Header, Metrics, and Progress Indicator.
Enhancing Salesforce with Avonni Data Table for flexible, interactive lists, featuring custom interactions and real-time editing.
Showcasing a vertical Progress Indicator in Salesforce, with step-wise navigation and auto-updating through user progress.
Create a Salesforce component to dynamically show contact details using Avonni List and Formatted Value.
Learn to create a multi-screen flow in Salesforce using Avonni Progress Indicator for intuitive navigation and content control.
Master a seamless baggage selection process in Salesforce with Avonni components for an efficient, user-friendly interface.
Discover how to transform Salesforce fields into QR Codes for quick information sharing and efficient data interaction.
Master creating a Left-Side Vertical Navigation in Salesforce with Avonni, enhancing UI/UX with step-by-step guidance.
Create an engaging product showcase in Salesforce using Avonni Carousel, displaying products with clickable details.
Enhance sales workflows with a Salesforce 'Today's Accounts to Visit' flow, organizing daily visits using Avonni components.
Learn to create an interactive YouTube playlist in Salesforce with Flow Builder and Avonni Components.
Master real-time, interactive map visualizations in Salesforce using Avonni components for enhanced account data display.
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