Video Player

The Video Player is also available as an Experience Cloud Component.

📘 Overview

The Video Player component is designed to provide users with seamless video playback capabilities. The component allows for various configurations and customizations, such as control over the video source, playback options, volume control, visual customization, and more. Here is a breakdown of its properties:

Component properties

This property specifies the video that is to be displayed on the player. It can be either a URL pointing to a video file or a YouTube Video ID. Users also have the option to upload their own video file.
If the Autoplay property is enabled, the initial video will automatically start to play when the player loads. It is important to note that due to browser limitations and user experience considerations, videos that autoplay are initially muted. Users can manually unmute the video using the player controls.
This property controls the volume level of the video player. It accepts a number between 0 (mute) and 100 (maximum volume). This allows for better control over the audio output based on user preference or ambient noise levels.
Hide Controls
If the Hide Controls property is enabled, the player controls are hidden from view. This can provide a clean and uninterrupted viewing experience, especially for videos that are designed to autoplay and/or loop.
Enabling the Loop property will make the video replay from the beginning once it finishes. This can be particularly useful for short video clips, demo videos, or background videos.
Playback rate
The Playback Rate property determines the speed at which the video is played back. It can be set to values like 0.5 (half speed), 1 (normal speed, default), or 2 (double speed), giving users the ability to control their viewing pace.

Style Panel

The Style Panel property provides customization options for the physical dimensions of the video player. Users can adjust the height and width of the player, allowing it to fit seamlessly into different layouts and designs.
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