Open Flow Dialog


The "Open Flow Dialog" interaction offers a dynamic and powerful feature. When activated by the end-user, this interaction promptly initiates a pre-defined flow.
Think of it as a shortcut, providing your users with a seamless way to launch specific processes or tasks. Given the enriched toolkit of the Avonni library, the "Open Flow Dialog" stands out as one of the most robust and exciting interactions you can utilize to enhance your screen flows.


Guide on transferring input variables between flows for seamless Avonni Components integration.
Learn to auto-refresh queries in Salesforce Flow Builder using Avonni Components after closing a dialog.


Below are the options for configuring the "Open Flow Dialog" interaction. Each option serves a specific purpose, ensuring you can tailor the interaction to suit your desired user experience and process flow.
Flow API Name
Select the existing flow to launch when your users trigger the action.
Input Variable
Set any input variable on your launched flow.
Input Variable / Name
Name of the input variable
Input Variable / Value
Value of the input variable
Input Variable / Type
Here's the input variable type supported:
Allow multiple values (collection)
When enabled, it allows the input variable to accept and hold multiple values rather than just a single value, facilitating the passage of collections (like lists or arrays) between different flows or elements within a flow. This is particularly beneficial when working with bulk data or operations that involve multiple records, such as querying multiple objects or processing batches of records.
Modal Header
To add a Header title on the modal box that will display the launched flow.
Accessible Description
This text acts as an additional layer of information, making the flow more understandable and navigable for users who rely on screen readers or other assistive technologies.
Set a size of the modal box.
On Finish
Allow users to add another interaction after they complete the one initiated by the flow dialog.
On Close
Allow users to add another interaction after they close the interaction started by the flow dialog.
On Error
Allow users to add another interaction if they encounter an error with the interaction initiated by the flow dialog.
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