How to create an interaction to a record page


Discover how to enhance individual records in Salesforce with 'clone,' 'edit,' and 'view' functionalities using Avonni components. This tutorial will guide you through configuring these interactive buttons as actionable elements in various contexts. You'll learn how to integrate these actions not just as standalone buttons, but also as item actions within lists, row actions in data tables, and more.

Applications and Examples:

  • Button Actions: Implement these functionalities as direct action buttons on a record page. For instance, a sales representative can have 'edit' and 'view' buttons on an opportunity record for immediate access.

  • Item Actions in Lists: Integrate these actions within a list view, allowing users to perform these actions directly from a list item. For example, a 'clone' button next to each contact in a contact list for quick duplication.

  • Row Actions in Data Tables: Embed these functionalities as row actions in data tables. This could be particularly useful in a project management scenario, where a user can quickly edit or view project details directly from the table.

  • Additional Contexts: Depending on your workflow needs, these functionalities can also be adapted for other components or custom implementations.

Adding 'clone,' 'edit,' and 'view' actions to records in these ways significantly streamline workflows and enhance productivity within your Salesforce environment, making interaction with records more efficient and user-friendly.

Interactive Tutorial

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