Interactions Pane

The Interactions Panel helps you create guided visual experiences for your users —navigate in Salesforce, launch another flow, show a toast message, and more—without writing code.
For example, when a user taps on a Button, the action that should be performed can be specified from the Interactions Pane.

Accessing the Interactions Panel

  1. 1.
    Drag an Avonni Flow Screen Component
  2. 2.
    Open the Component Builder
  3. 3.
    Click on the "Interactions" tab

How to create an Interaction

  • Drag an Avonni Component
  • Open the Component Builder
  • Go to the Interaction Panel
  • Click on the "Add Action" button for the desired type of action.
  • Select your Target name (ensure to have created your action first)
  • Select the action you want to create on the interaction
Interactions can be combined. You can define multiple interactions for the same type of action. Actions will run in the order specified.

Actions in Avonni Components

Most of the Avonni Components for Flows allow for specific user interactions, such as:
  • Item Click: Activated when a user clicks on an item.
  • Action Click: Activated when a user clicks on an action item.
  • On Change: Activated when a user modifies a value
In addition to these standard interactions, some unique interactions apply only to specific components:
  • On Save: This action occurs when a user edits information inside the data table and saves the changes.
  • On Cancel: This action occurs when a user edits information inside the data table and cancels the changes.

Comprehensive Guide to Actions

Avonni Components for Flows lets you initiate and personalize various actions within specific components. Here is a list of all available actions:
Interaction Name
Flow navigation action guides users through different paths in your screen flow based on their inputs. It allows for customized journeys, like loops or moving to various screens as required.
A toast message is a brief pop-up notification informing users about their actions' outcome, such as success or an error.
The Navigate interaction allows customized transitions between pages and apps, improving user engagement and experience by ensuring smooth navigation based on user actions.
An Open Alert Modal is a pop-up feature that shows users essential messages, warnings, or confirmations, guiding them to take necessary actions or acknowledge the information displayed.
The Open Confirm interaction is a feature that shows a confirmation dialog asking users for permission before performing certain actions, like changes or deletions, to prevent unintended outcomes.
The Open Flow Dialog feature displays a specific process within a pop-up, allowing users to complete tasks without leaving the current screen, offering a focused and efficient user experience.
A fire confetti action is a celebratory animation that appears when a user completes a task, creating a visually pleasing experience to celebrate their achievement.
Export To
Adding the 'Export to' interaction to your Avonni Data Table enhances user experience by allowing quick and easy export of data for analysis, sharing, or archiving.
The Update Records interaction simplifies and speeds up the process by allowing records to be updated directly within the component, removing the need for any separate elements.
The Copy Records interaction lets users easily select, duplicate, and transfer data from the Data Table to applications like Excel for convenient analysis, sharing, or backup.
Enhance component flexibility with Update Query Interaction, modifying existing queries directly within selected Avonni Components.
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