Avonni Flow Screen Components Library is a managed package of over 50 pre-built Flow Screen Components for Salesforce Flows.
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How to get started

The Product tour gives you a quick overview of the Avonni Component Builder interface.

New to Avonni Flow Screen Components?

Avonni Flow Screen Components Library is a managed package with an extensive collection of over 50 pre-built screen components used in Salesforce Flows.
The Avonni Flow Screen Components Library includes:
  • A Properties Editor: Customizes the appearance and functionality of the components by setting various properties and options.
  • An Interaction Editor: Effortlessly define Avonni Components' responses to events like button clicks or option selections.
  • A Style Editor: Customizes the visual appearance of the components.
  • A Canvas Editor provides seamless access to the most commonly used component settings.
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Need Help?

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