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Display a series of events or activities.
Display important information to the user.
🆕 Audio Player
Offers control over customizable audio features.
Visual representation of a user or entity.
Collection of Avatar displayed in a grid or row.
Visual representation of data in the form of a series of lines or patterns.
Allows the user to scan and read barcodes using their device's camera.
Visually distinguish a quotation or excerpt from the surrounding text.
Allows the user to initiate an action or process.
The Button Group Component enables swift, easy navigation through flows via customizable action buttons.
Clickable icon to trigger actions on flow screens.
Displays a list of options as a dropdown menu triggered by a button.
A dynamic component for scheduling and resource management.
Displays a series of images in a rotating or sliding sequence.
Create visually compelling, interactive charts directly within the Salesforce Flow Builder.
It enhances user interaction with categorized information and streamlines the overall user experience.
Allows the user to select a specific color from a palette or spectrum.
Allows the user to select an option from the dropdown menu.
🆕 CSV Parser
Simplifies CSV data integration into Salesforce.
Displays a calendar of dates and allows the user to select a specific date or range of dates.
Displays tabular data in a grid of rows and columns.
Allows the user to select a specific date and time.
Displays two lists of items and allows the user to move items between the lists.
Allows the user to toggle the visibility of a section of content.
Streamlines address entry, auto-formats data, and updates a static map in real-time.
Standardizes name entry, validates data in real-time, and improves user experience.
Standardizes real-time Salesforce data entry and display, ensuring accuracy and uniformity.
Provides context and navigation for the content below.
Allows the user to select an icon from a collection of icons.
Image and inline text to communicate a state in a friendly way.
Display a photograph, an illustration, or any other type of visual content.
The Input Counter flow screen component simplifies numeric input within flows by providing a user-friendly interface.
The Input Date Range flow screen component streamlines date selection
Input Pen
The Input Pen flow screen component enables users to provide handwritten input within flows.
It allows users to view and interact with collections of items or records.
It provides a visually engaging interface for displaying locations, routes, or areas.
It highlights essential data and helps users quickly grasp the significance of the presented information.
Enhances screen navigation, facilitating structured, intuitive user interfaces.
It let the users can easily interact with and manage categorized information, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive experience.
The Progress Bar flow screen component allows you to display progress towards a goal or completion within flows.
The Progress Circle component provides a captivating circular display of progress towards a goal within flows.
Show task status in a step-by-step process, aiding user understanding and motivation.
Progress popover shows task status and completion, allowing users to track progress without interrupting workflow.
Qr Code
Interpret QR codes, providing quick access to related information or actions.
Allow users to provide feedback or rate products, services, or experiences on a scale.
Deliver targeted messages or alerts to specific users or groups within an application.
Visually separate sections of content within a user interface, improving readability and organization.
Allow users to select a value within a defined range by sliding a visual control.
Display multiple content sections in a compact layout, allowing users to switch between them.
Text Area
Allow users to input or view more significant amounts of text within a defined area.
Display the user's location or allow the user to set their location.
Display and allow selection from a list of options in a vertical layout.
🆕 Video Player
Offers customizable and seamless video playback.
Display and allow selection from a list of options using visual elements.
Display selectable options using visual elements that link to other content or actions.